Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon?

South Rim and Tusayan facilities are open year ’round, but the heaviest demand on food and lodging is during the summer. Cooler temperatures and fewer visitors make Spring and Autumn an ideal time to visit, but scenery is at its best during the Winter season. It does snow at the Canyon, but delays are rare. Solitude along the Canyon Rim is easy to find at any time of the year.

Are there ample lodging facilities?

Over 2,000 rooms are available in Tusayan and Grand Canyon Village, but reservations are recommended in advance, especially in the summer months.

How can I plan a river trip?

Raft Trips through Grand Canyon on the Colorado River are available April – October. 3 to 22 day motor, oar and paddle trips originate from Lee’s Ferry near Page, Arizona. Reservations are recommended 6 months in advance, except for one-day trips.

Are Grand Canyon tours available?

Motorcoach tours and air tours by fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter are readily available at all times of the day. Rental cars and ground or air transportation are also available.

Are campgrounds and RV parks available?

Facilities are available year ’round both inside the Park and in Tusayan. Reservations are recommended, but some are available on a first-come-first-served basis. See Campgrounds / RV Parks for more information.

Can I hike and camp inside the Canyon?

Trails are open year ’round. Permits are required for overnight camping, available from the Back Country office. See Sightseeing & Hiking for more information.

What about restaurants and shopping?

Most hotels have excellent full-service restaurants and there are numerous fast-food facilities in Tusayan. There are an abundant number of gift shops in the area, in addition to several general stores.